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Rufus J. Faulk

" I have seen our community's enormous potential..."

My mother and father, teenage parents, graduates of Boston Technical High School and devoted community members, instilled in me the importance of hard work, education, sacrifice and a commitment to community uplift. I was born and raised in Boston's historic neighborhood of Roxbury, attended Boston Public Schools and utilized our district's community centers and institutions. I have seen and experienced some of the social ills and wrestled with obstacles that have plagued our neighborhoods. Even in the midst of these trying times, I have seen our community's enormous potential and have always been encouraged by my friends and neighbors to strive for excellence.

After earning my Bachelors degree in History and Business Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, I chose to return to Boston to work with the city's youth population to address the spiraling rise of homicides and other forms of youth violence.

For the past seven years, I have dedicated my life to empowering our youth population, encouraging them to "Revive, Restore and Rebuild" our neighborhoods and communities.

In addition, I pursued a Masters Degree at Boston University to deepen my understanding of the systemic issues that affect our community including but not limited to poverty, housing, public safety, community development and our local economy.

Although I am discouraged with the lack of progress that our community has made even in the face of individual achievement, I feel it is critical to offer leadership in our district in order to effectively move the 7th Suffolk towards a promising future.

I need your vote to help make the necessary changes.

Revive • rebuild • restore

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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